2017-07-06 15:30:53 by PrimeStone


So I've recently took a second look at my Flash vs KOF animation and it hyped me up to extend it even more! Of course this one isn't going to be long and story impactful or anything. This is just a Random Fight I had in my mind a couple of years back. And I still have these thoughts still till this day! 

Also! With every crossover battle, comes some research. Cause I just don't want to use a character from a game I barley played before and not know who they are! So I some what got into King Of Fighters. I like Iori and Rugal so far.


I also like the capcom style sprite of rugal (God Rugal, the guy in the picture.) and love the fact that he has the evil demon spirit power thing, evil ryu and akuma have from street fighter (which lead me to imply that God Rugal must not be canon and he wasn't.)


I would love to use God Rugal or Rugal again (espically the capcom version) cause I want to use him in a somewhat "MK vs SF Preoxcide" type of animation. 


I do worry that people will be mad with the result of the animation because I just decided to do this out of hype and plue, Flash is.....well ....TOO DAMN FAST


So yeah! For the past few weeks I've been working on this little animation right here. I hope yall enjoy it if i ever finish it!


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