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That was entertaining! I love 2 on 2 battles like this!

What a masterpiece!
I was recently thinking about dawn of the madness and forgot it was September.
I remember seeing WIP screenshots of this on your page years back and it was worth
all those 25 minutes.

You really outdone yourself with this one.
There were moments where I reacted as if I was in the theater watching the avengers.
I gasped, shouted 'oh no', and clapped. Especially near the end!

The atmosphere was set really good too. Had me tense and at the edge of my seat.
Really felt like I was watching a movie.
Like at the scene where Karlie and Connor were fighting that big ass zombie
in that room. The rain, ambience, and music really helped with the immersion.

Another thing I would like to point out is this: I noticed that in a lot of madness combat animations,
the characters often times move fast and jump a bunch when they fight their enemies.
But in this animation in particular, you can feel the emotions some of them felt when they did those
Like when Karlie was in that room with the zombie that hanged it self.
You can certainly tell she was pissed off and done with this bullshit.
But that's how I see it from my perspective.
I guess I can say the same for Nick when he rushed a bunch of zombies,
but it felt different in this animation.

And as for the scenes near the end.
After watching "Dusk of the madness" I did say to myself "Veronica is going to come back and
bite one of those biker gang members."
And when she did, it was not only satisfying but I clapped and shouted "LETS GOOOO!"

Not only that, but you can certainly tell that, while she was eating that guy,
there was a lot of rage and animosity in that 'rip and tear'

Good job, here, have five god damn stars because you deserve all of them.

Can't believe it's been a decade since I saw "Dawn of the Madness" Dang, time sure flies by fast.


LittleLuckyLink responds:

Thank you :D

So that's what hank sounds like!

lmao this was funny. The only way for hank to go crazy is to catch grunts illegally downloading music

It's really nice to see a reel of projects! Keep it up!

NanoSoft responds:

Thanks! You too!

taking me back to tf2 memes back in 2009 lmao.

HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter responds:

My one regret is I couldn't slip in more memes into it xD

The singing part killed me LMAO

I have seen everything. And I couldn't stop watching.

Keep it up brah

It just hit me but... did you predict scorpion's ending in injustice gods among us? Cause it's scorpion fighting a dc hellish character and it's trigon and he wins. This animation is really inspiring to watch. Please finish this series i know its been years.. but I would Love to see this end.

Thank you for the nostalgia and inspiration.

Good work yall! I miss watching these!

They style of the drawing made this seem less creepy, maybe a little change in the drawing style to make it seem realistic, or anything to make it seem more scary. The animation could use some more work too, but the amount of work that is put into this is good.

I love to animate, chill and blah blah blah idk

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