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UnderHell has been released!

2017-06-18 17:21:59 by PrimeStone

Well it's finally here and finished! In order to finish this flash, I had to use a advanced version of adobe flash. That's how this thing worked.


It's long overdue, so I decided to finish it and upload it!



2017-05-26 18:38:45 by PrimeStone

Well it looks like the undertale animation is going to be post poned for god knows how long. I unfortunately have to swtich to the college computers that have flash, to continue working on this. HOWEVER... after the broly vs hulk 2 animation, I had another dbz crossover fight in mind I REALLY wanted to work on. This one involves blackheart and goku. After watching and getting inspiration from the cell games; where goku fights cell. I really wanted to do an animation involving goku after that.


Sorry flash you ain't getting to me that easily. I GOT ALTERNATIVES DAMMIT!


Scene will not work

2017-05-25 05:07:36 by PrimeStone

Okay so i just found out the problem. One of the scenes in my project; for some reason, all of a sudden messed up.

The other scenes are fine, but the scene (scene 4) will not let me test movie and test scene. It won't even let me export the swf file, it disappears after it's done exporting.

It's been working fine up till now. I have no idea what happened and what to do   ._.

Flash acting weird

2017-05-24 17:47:13 by PrimeStone

So for the past few days I've been working on my animation and now all of a sudden tere's problems.

First thing i noticed is, "test movie" not playing or working.

And I can't even export anything to the desktop because it disapears. Why flash why.

Any suggestions?

So far so good tho

2017-05-07 03:51:30 by PrimeStone

So for these past couple of days college has been giving it to me. But here is a screenshot of the next animation so far!


Some one is going to hell!

What's goin on SOOOoo far

2017-04-15 03:18:22 by PrimeStone

Hello everyone! So for the past few days i've been working on this animation right here. And of course along with that, I've been busy with college like always.

I've also been asked again to be an animatior from another person on youtube. (Death battle type of stuff)

I apprecitate the offer but i like working at my own pace and college has me in a tangle lol

I've also recently left my place to see my family, but I will be back in a couple of days or so.

The UnderTale animation is really fun to work, considering that I have one of ym favorite characters in it!

ScreenShot undertale aniation

I don't know how long I want this to last, but hopeuflly it won't be too short and too long!

Right now I'm just doing that and chilling most of the time.



2017-04-04 19:22:17 by PrimeStone

Okay, so some  of yall might not like this but the next animation is going to involve Marvel and a recent popular indie game from the previous years.


  5277944_149134799522_FriskHeart1.gif 5277944_149134794641_BH149.gif

Other than that, I have reached another quarter in my college. Also hulk vs broly, sofar is getting well received responses! Thanks everyone for watching! It really motivates me to create more stuff.


Hello everyone! Im here for another screen shot image of the Hulk vs Broly Animation! It is going fantastic! 

Okay, so i noticed this with the last Broly vs Hulk animation I submitted and that is the delaying of the sound. And this delay happens when a new scene starts. And it gets worse after the next scene, and so on and so forth. I don't know why, maybe it might be the 20.0 fps I have it set on or something else. If someone has a solution please comment!


2016-10-30 00:11:30 by PrimeStone

Helloooo! Just wanted to update yall on whats been going on real quick. So the hulk vs broly animation is still in the works, as i type this! BUT, there is also another project that i have been working on and it's madness combat related! I want to tackle this madness combat thing and finish it! Im working on a mini episode now.

Now that i have said my peice here are some screen shots!

Hulk vs Broly-  5277944_147780064361_Screenshot2.png






Madness Combat Fanmade-Animation - 5277944_147780068181_Screenshot1.png



So yep!